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Salt Lake County Mayor
Jenny Wilson

"Salt Lake County needs a treasurer who understands the importance of sound fiscal management and ethical leadership. Sheila Srivastava is a CPA who will manage the County's books with diligence, precision, and transparency. Sheila has earned my endorsement and I am confident in her ability to elevate our county through responsible fiscal management.”

Sim Gill.png
Salt Lake County District Attorney
Sim Gill

"It is critical that the Treasurer's office be staffed by someone who has a personal dedication to service to the county, mixed with the professional experience to effectively run the job. I am confident that that person is Sheila Srivastava. Sheila has over three decades of experience, managing people's monies with expertise and a personal touch. Her experience will be invaluable to every citizen in Salt Lake County as she stewards our funds to ensure a fiscally responsible Salt Lake County. Vote Sheila Srivastava for County Treasurer!"

Salt Lake County Recorder
Rashelle Hobbs

"During my tenure as Salt Lake County Recorder over the past six years, I've recognized the critical need for leaders who approach public service with a sincere dedication to their community. It's essential to have individuals who prioritize efficient and community-oriented processes over partisan agendas. Having had the opportunity to get to know Sheila, I wholeheartedly believe that she embodies these qualities and is the ideal candidate for Salt Lake County Treasurer. Sheila's commitment to responsible fiscal management and her focus on the community's well-being make her the perfect choice for this important role. Please join me in voting for Sheila Srivastava for County Treasurer!"

Utah State Senator, District 13
Nate Blouin

"I'm excited to officially endorse Sheila Srivastava for Salt Lake County Treasurer. Sheila's decades of experience as a Certified Public Accountant lends her a unique and disciplined approach to fiscal management that will undoubtedly benefit Salt Lake County."

Utah State Representative, District 34
Carol Spackman Moss

"With her 32 years of experience in accounting and finance, I am confident that Sheila will bring to Salt Lake County a thoughtful, transparent, and effective voice to the County Treasurer's office. Vote Sheila Srivastava for County Treasurer!"

Midvale City Council Member
Bonnie Billings

"So happy to support Sheila Srivastava for Salt Lake County Treasurer. I've known Sheila and her work for years and I have zero doubts that she will be incredible in this role. Join me in supporting Sheila!"

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 12.36.52 PM.png
Midvale City Council Member
Dustin Gettel

"As a fellow public servant, I am thrilled to endorse Sheila Srivastava for Salt Lake County Treasurer. Sheila's dedication to fiscal responsibility and her extensive experience as a CPA make her the perfect candidate for this crucial role. Her commitment to serving the community aligns perfectly with the values we hold dear in Midvale. Join me in supporting Sheila for a brighter financial future for Salt Lake County!"

Arent Headshot 2020.jpeg
Former State Legislator
Patrice Arent

"I proudly endorse Sheila Srivastava for Salt Lake County Treasurer. Sheila's experience and dedication to serving her community make her the clear choice for the Treasurer position. Her vision for transparent and accountable fiscal management will benefit every citizen in Salt Lake County. I am confident in Sheila's ability to lead with integrity and effectiveness, and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy."

Susan Spiers.jpg
Susan Speirs

"With 32 years in the CPA profession, Sheila has come to understand business, the economy and cash flow and the impacts of not balancing and managing each. As treasurer of Salt Lake County, Sheila will have the responsibility to care for the peoples monies. As a CPA, Sheila has the duty to maintain integrity, competency and objectivity as she applies principles of governance to the processes and procedures for the dollars spent to maintain the county. Who better than Sheila Srivastava, CPA, who has skill sets from the C-suite on down to serve as treasurer of Salt Lake County? Sheila has the ability to safeguard the assets of the county and lay the groundwork for a more secure future."

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 1.15.28 PM.png
Retired Professor, University of Utah
Tim Chambless

"Salt Lake County deserves a Treasurer who has the experience to elevate the fiscal position of the County. With 32 years of professional experience, I am confident Sheila has what it takes to serve Salt Lake County residents and make efficient use of our hard earned dollars. Join me in my support for Sheila Srivastava for Salt Lake County Treasurer this November!"


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