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Over 30 years of industry, government consulting and auditing experience.


I am running for Salt Lake County Treasurer to provide efficient, ethical, and transparent management of county funds and collaborate with other elected officials to best serve Salt Lake County residents. I am the ONLY Certified Public Accountant (CPA) running and when elected I will be making history as the first woman to serve as Salt Lake County Treasurer! 


Growing up in rural Utah, I understood the value of hard-earned money from an early age. Raised by a single mother in a small community where most people were skeptical of the government, my family relied on welfare and food stamps to get by. The rising costs of household staples were a constant concern, and conversations often revolved around how far the family could stretch every dollar. My mom worked three jobs to make ends meet and sent me to school, where I became the first member of my family to graduate from college. This early exposure to the financial struggles in my community fueled a personal determination to forge a better path not only for myself but for others. I’ve carried this determination forward, earning my accounting degree and becoming a CPA.

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Now, as a candidate for Salt Lake County Treasurer, I understand the weight of managing tax revenue. Every dollar collected is scarce, and my commitment is to handle your tax dollars with diligence and precision. My approach is nonpartisan and centered on process not politics. I aim to be the professional that every resident, irrespective of political affiliation, can trust to safeguard the community's assets.

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Effective money management goes beyond numbers. It requires principled ethics, professional expertise, and the ability to provide advice and insight critical for helping individuals, businesses, and governments alike, ultimately providing the best outcomes for our community.  I will prioritize efficiency, ethics, and transparency as your County Treasurer.


I have experience you can count on!  I am the most qualified and only candidate with any professional accounting experience including over three decades of helping individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and municipal governments achieve their financial goals.  

I am committed to serving the people of Salt Lake County!

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